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Proposing a creative, collaborative approach to home schooling.

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Lets support the co-creation of our children's education. Together we can build community and foster a vision that is to the benefit of all.

Value for money

Paying for individual classes can be expensive. Lets build a community of home schooling parents to co-organize classes and support one another in practical ways.


A regular zoom call provides an opportunity to network, meet like minded parents, and share ideas.

"The wise man will be slow to speak but quick to act"

Explore A New Paradigm in Education

Facing the Future

Our children are facing a world of uncertainties. Today it is important that they develop new skills of how to learn, critical thinking and resilience. Lets identify and face these challenges together.

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Local Focus

While much of our resources may be online, lets seek new ways to support one another at local level supporting the collaborative projects and creative ideas of our children.

Build Community

Stay Connected

Using a unique, safe and private online discussion and resource platform you will be able to find like minded parents, deepen connection and share mutual support. This is a safe platform developed Sutra that we also may customise for our children's use in developing projects and helping them to connect with others who share their interests and goals. This is the idea anyway - lets explore the possibilities together first by joining a call - or if you want to jump right in click the button below!



Vision Jam

  • Explore Ideas and Strategies

  • Check in with other homeschooling parents

  • Inspiration and Encouragement

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Homeschool Co-creator Community

Using a unique platform developed by Sutra- parents can create community circles and gather together in a purpose-led way. How this can practically work will be explored in the zoom calls. For example, perhaps you wish to find other families who want extra support with a particular subject. This can be a way to find one another and develop creative solutions

Thank you!

When I started out on the homeschooling journey, I wish I had access to a safe space to connect with others and find solutions together to enhance our childs education. Now, I hope you will join me to create this vision together.


This is a parent led initiative

For all General Enquiries about Homeschooling in Ireland, as well as support, advice ( practical, legal and otherwise) and a wonderful source of resources

Their website is: www.henireland.org

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Lets Explore a New Paradigm in Education

As we embark on new and for many of us, unfamiliar territory, it is helpful to remember the many allies, advocates and alternative thinkers who have gone before us. Mary Woolstonecroft, for example, author of the Vindication of the Rights of Women, ( and mother to Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein), had many radical thoughts about education. Einstein celebrated the power and necessity of imagination! The world cannot solve its problems with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. There are many, many possibilities and ways of thinking about education from the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner to the radical de-centralisation of education being advocated by Manish Jain and others who promote the virtues of 'unlearning'.

Let's explore, share ideas and be inspired.

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